Catching up…

Today I am finally finally finally catching up on some rewards to the fabulous Kickstarter backers for A head of time!

I also moseyed into the Silver Streak trailer sitting under the Doug fir in the yard at PWNW and spent a few pensive moments in deep regard of the piles of blankets: plaids, solids, stripes, prints, quilts; poly, wool, cotton and mystery fabrics; deep saturated colors, classic neutrals, pastels, and neon.

What to do?Sell some of the good ones to raise $$ for other PWNW activities like the upcoming A.I.R. program? Give a bunch to shelters when the cold weather starts? Maybe so. As much as we wanted, still want, a chance to do A head of time again, it seems unlikely. Other things brewing….

For the sake of completion and closure, I will post some performance video soon. In the meantime here are links to reviews and a few choice photos by Chelsea Petrakis:

TWO REVIEWS:   Culturephile    Oregon ArtsWatch

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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