Introducing: A head of time


In 2010 I kept a video diary of short dances: most were improvised; some were set after a short bout of choreography, instantly performed for the camera, then forgotten. The video clips capturing these dances constitute the largest portion of this blog.

Supporters had the option to “sponsor” a particular clip by making a donation, which ensured that the material in the clip was used in some form in A head of time, which I began to work on in 2011.

In April 2011, I was invited to contribute an installed version of the work–in-progress at The Art Gym for the exhibit “Dance: Before, after during” featuring the collections of videos and a preliminary version of the set composed of a wall of folded blankets. The dancers and I performed at the opening. That summer I also did a month-long series of solo studies towards the piece and we also did a version at for the Dance Truck at TBA.

The fully-stage version of A head of Time premiered at Imago Theatre in Portland Oregon in March 2012. I had the chance to spend almost a year (on and off) working with a wonderful group of people: dancers Philippe Bronchtein, Jin Camou, Catherine Egan, Keyon, Gaskin, Esther LaPointe, Danielle Ross & Lucy Yim; sound artist Seth Nehil; lighting designer Jeff Forbes; videographer Karl Lind.



The last dances of the year!